Clip Information

Shoe Clips

I do not recommend wearing these on low top shoes, fitted low ankle boots, sandals, etc. The metal clip will be in direct contact with the back of your heel bone and it will hurt.

(1) What shoes can these be worn on?

These work well on shoes that are roughly 1/4” (6mm) in thickness. I highly recommend measuring the thickness of your shoes before purchasing.

These will work on other shoes such as boots.

(2) Will I feel the clips when I’m wearing them / do they hurt?

No, you won’t feel them if they’re applied and worn properly. If being worn without socks you will feel the cold clips, but they will warm up to your body temperature. 

These clips should absolutely not hurt when being worn. The clips sit at the squishy part of your leg, not the bone when worn on the correct shoes.

(3) How do I put them on?

For thinner shoes you will very slightly pry them open to put them on. Being careful to avoid damage to the clip and charm. The clips shouldn’t be easy to put on and you will want to experience some resistance when applying them. This ensures the clip wasn’t opened too much and will stay in place.

For thicker shoes, you can open the clip a lot more than just slightly. This will help ease the clip on. Tension is still very important so use your discretion when opening the clip wider than previously advised.

If there is no resistance and the clip simply slides on, you likely opened the clip up too much. This will cause one of two things:

1. The clip will slide around the back of your shoe leading to losing the clip

2. The clip is moving freely and will poke at your ankle because it is not properly secured to the inside of the shoe

How to solve this problem?

You can pinch the clips closed with pliers. Carefully clamp the pliers at the top of the loop and squeeze gently. This will cause the opening of the clip to close and you can then apply them once more to your shoe. Be careful not to cause any damage to your clips as the metal will scratch.

Boot Charm Info

(1) Do Boot Charms make sound?

Yes. Be prepared to hear them while you are walking. There is a thud sound as they hit the back of your shoes and a little jingle because of the metal.

(2) Will they fall into my boots when I walk?

They can. Boot Charms swing around a lot and can sometimes land in your boots when walking. In my experience, this especially happens with Chelsea boots or ones that aren't well fitted to your ankle / leg. This can usually be avoided with chunky socks or lace up boots.

(3) Why do you have disclaimers on some of your Boot Charm listings?

Through trial and error, I have found certain charms shouldn't be worn on certain shoes due to damage to both the charm and shoe. I would recommend thoroughly reading my listing descriptions to see if that style is the best fit for you and your shoes.