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Crescent Crystal Moon Boot Charms, Pull Loop Charms

Crescent Crystal Moon Boot Charms, Pull Loop Charms

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Sold as a single charm. Please purchase quantity 2 for a set!

Approximate size is 1.5" x 3" width/height

Disclaimer: Not recommend for Doc Martins or any boots with a long pull loop. Because the pull loop hangs so low with these charms attached, damage to the moons and your shoes is extremely likely due to the impact while walking. This damage will show up as small dents/dings or scuffing. These are best placed on small, stationary pull loops. If you still choose to wear these on your Docs, please be aware we are not responsible for any damages or replacements of broken charms.

Note that due to the nature of natural crystals the size, color, and shape may vary but each one is unique and as beautiful as the next.

Boot Charms are a fun way to show off your crystals. They are easy to clip onto the back of your shoes pull loops. They also make great bag charms and keychains.

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